“My dad is constantly raving about his home
health nurse. I’m so pleased with Affilia.”

Frequently Asked Questions by Patients and Families

What Is Home Health?

Home health is a service that allows nurses, therapists, social workers, and aides to deliver the healthcare you need in the familiar comfort of home. Care is provided on an intermittent basis, not continuously or for extended periods. Affilia Home Health staff sees most patients one to three times a week and our visits usually last about an hour.

Why Would I Need Home Healthcare?

You may have a health condition or be recovering after surgery or an injury. If you require skilled nursing care or rehabilitation therapy that is ordered by your physician, you could qualify for home health services from Affilia Home Health.

Medicare and most insurances approve home health services for patients who have difficulty leaving home for medical treatment.

What Types of Services Does Affilia Home Health Offer?

Our services include, but are not limited to:

Skilled Nurses who assess, treat, and teach patients about their diagnoses, medications, and self-care

Infusion Therapy and Wound, Ostomy, and Continence Nursing are provided by specially trained staff

Physical Therapists who work to increase strength, mobility, balance and endurance through a personalized exercise program

Occupational Therapists who teach skills that help the patient perform activities of daily living to become independent and active

Speech Therapists who help patients get their message across, improve memory and problem solving, as well as recover swallowing functions

Medical Social Workers who assist with managing social and emotional concerns

Home Health Aides who assist with bathing and dressing and other daily activities

Do You Provide Other Specialized Services?

Affilia Home Health has designed Special Programs to meet your individual needs:

Our Disease Management Program includes a team approach and goal-directed care for patients with chronic diabetes, congestive heart failure (CHF), and respiratory problems.

Our Telehealth Program uses the latest in communication technologies to allow our nurses to review your vital signs and notify the physician of potential problems that may need treatment and follow-up.

Affilia Home Health does not provide hospice, maternal/child, pediatric or non-skilled private duty home care.

Where Do You Provide Care?

We provide care throughout central and southeastern PA from our offices in:

What If I Live Somewhere Other Than the “Traditional” Home Setting?

Affilia Home Health works with adults of all ages in a variety of settings so even those with “non-traditional” living arrangements will benefit from Affilia Home Health’s care.

How Does Affilia Home Health Select Its Caregivers?

We take great care to select highly-qualified individuals for the Affilia Home Health team. After an in-depth interview, each candidate must meet our physical, background and vehicle-driving standards.

We welcome employees of our affiliated hospitals who transfer to our team and bring experience gained in that clinically-challenging setting. Our talented managers work with employees new to home health to develop the specialized skills they need to meet each patient’s care needs.

How Do I Pay For Home Healthcare Services?

For eligible patients, Medicare, Medicaid and many other insurance plans pay for home healthcare services. We will work with you and your insurance provider to determine your coverage. You may also pay privately or qualify for our financial assistance.