“My dad is constantly raving about his home
health nurse. I’m so pleased with Affilia.”

Healthcare Providers FAQ

Why Would I Order Care at Home?

Your patient will find it easier to incorporate healthy behaviors into their normal routines when they receive treatment and instruction in familiar and comfortable surroundings.

Healthcare at home is more private and convenient. The risk of infection is minimized and home health services are usually more cost-effective than a hospital or skilled care facility stay.

Which of My Patients are Appropriate for Home Healthcare?

At Affilia Home Health, we find the following factors are indicators for care at home:

Any change in your patient’s pre-hospitalization vs. current functional ability

The availability of an able and willing caregiver

Your patient’s past use of home care services

The presence of co-morbidities or cognitive deficits

Multiple hospitalizations or ER visits (high risk)

Your patient’s understanding of his illness

PT/OT recommendations for safety and supervision needs

*When you refer your patient to Affilia Home Health, we will verify that your patient’s insurance includes home health benefits and that he or she meets the eligibility criteria

Does Affilia Home Health provide on-call service?

Yes, a registered nurse is on call 24/7 to accept patient calls and referrals for service. We provide support and direction for urgent patient needs, which can reduce after-hours calls to physicians. When we provide an emergency visit to a patient, we update the physician about our findings and any changes in the patient’s healthcare needs.

Does Affilia Home Health Provide 24-hour Care?

No, our care is intermittent. The physician and home health professional determines the frequency of visits based on the patient’s needs. We typically see patients one to three times a week about an hour each time.

Do Patients Have a Choice of Home Healthcare Agencies?

Yes. By law, patients must be allowed to choose their preferred agency. Patients may ask which agency’s care to trust the most.

Why Should I Choose Affilia Home Health?

Our services are designed to meet the highest quality standards of patients, caregivers and healthcare providers. We provide:

On-site nurse liaisons at our affiliated hospitals

Seamless care from hospital or facility to home

24/7 nurse coverage for urgent care needs

Clinical best practices for disease management

Advanced monitoring with the latest in telehealth technology

LOWER Re-Hospitalization Rates than State/National benchmarks

HIGHER percentage of patients who improve their oral medicine management

Participation with most healthcare insurances patients manage their health conditions so they can live as independently as possible.

With Which Hospitals Do You Work?

Through our affiliation with the three largest health networks in the region, we frequently care for patients discharged from Community General Osteopathic Hospital, Harrisburg Hospital, Lancaster General Hospital, Reading Hospital, and West Shore Hospital. In addition, we work with all of the hospitals in our service area, the Lehigh Valley, Philadelphia, Baltimore, and beyond.

Can You Access Patient Records in the Hospital EMR?

Designated clinicians do review relevant information in the medical records of our affiliated hospitals. We may need additional details to carry out physician’s orders for an individual patient’s care needs.

What Quality Recognitions Have You Received?

We were named a Top Agency of the 2015 HomeCare Elite™.

Affilia Home Health is honored to be among the top 25 percent of Medicare-certified home health agencies in the United State. HomeCare Elite™bases its ratings on publicly available performance measures in quality outcomes, best practice (process measure) implementation, patient experience (Home Health CAHPS®), quality improvement and consistency as well as financial performance.

Our care meets the rigorous accreditation standards set by the Joint Commission. We are certified by Medicare and Medicaid and comply with the PA Dept. of Health licensing requirements.

What If My Patient Lives Somewhere Other Than the “Traditional” Home Setting?

Affilia Home Health works with adults of all ages in a variety of settings so even those with “non-traditional” living arrangements will benefit from Affilia Home Health’s care.

What Home Healthcare Services Does Affilia NOT Provide?

We do not offer hospice, maternal/child, pediatric or non-skilled private duty home care.

I’ve Heard That Home Care Patients Require a Lot of Paperwork. Why?

Medicare and state licensing requirements stipulate that you certify your patient’s need for ongoing care every 60 days. Our professional staff is legally required to obtain additional orders for each change to a patient’s medication or treatment plan.

Does Medicare Pay Physicians for Home Health Patients’ Care Coordination?

Yes. Medicare does reimburse the certifying physician for signing initial and subsequent plans of care for each 60-day home care episode. Physicians can also receive Medicare payment for Care Plan Oversight (CPO).

Who Should I Call To Learn More?

We encourage you to contact the office closest to you. Our intake or office staff will be happy to answer all of your questions.