“My dad is constantly raving about his home
health nurse. I’m so pleased with Affilia.”

What to Expect During Your First Visit

Affilia Home Health patients are most often admitted to care by one of our registered nurses (RN). If your only need is for rehabilitation therapy, your first visit will be from a physical therapist (PT).

During your admission visit, the RN or PT will assess your current condition and talk with you about your healthcare goals.

He or she will assess your ability to move around in the home and talk about ways to improve your safety. We need to know if you have pain and the ways your pain interferes with your normal routine.

We will ask to see all the medicines you take and compare them to the medicines your physician has ordered. Then we give you a written list and make sure you know how and when to take your medicines.

Our RN or PT will carefully listen to your concerns and clearly explain how the plan of care will help you achieve your goals. He or she will list the members of your healthcare team and describe their roles. You will be given written information about how to contact us and what to do if you have an urgent care need.

Finally, the RN or PT will work with you and your caregiver so you learn how to manage your treatments and health condition at home.